Luckily, this list has everything you need to buy the best dog toys that will keep your fur baby entertained long-term. From interactive puzzles that test your dog’s smarts to durable ropes that promote healthy teeth, your pup will be in doggy play heaven (and your shoes won’t be). And if you need even more expert picks, try these best puzzle toys for dogs. Which brings us back to tennis balls — while they might be easy to throw, they can be a dangerous choking hazard when your dog goes to catch them, especially mid-air. There have been too many reports of dogs choking to death when a ball gets stuck in their throat and blocks their airway.

There’s a ready solution—and it’s cheaper than the pricey pet cameras you’ve seen online. The WeatherBeeta 300D Deluxe Reflective Parka is the best for keeping your dog warm and dry this winter. Have your more advanced pup try out this obstacle course. Next thing you know he’ll be competing in the Westminster Dog Show. This interactive ball wobbles and wiggles around for her to chase even when you’re not home. So she’ll focus onthatinstead of eating your pillows.

The original KONG is a classic, must-own toy for dog owners. Due to its unique shape, the KONG will bounce in unpredictable directions, providing your dog with endless hours of chasing entertainment.

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The TailTeaser can be a useful training tool for teaching your dog to release on command, without you having to grab ahold of a slobbery toy. The TailTeaser by Outward Hound is a universally loved toy that is perfect for indoor exercise. The reason we rank this ahead of the Wobbler is due to the fun factor. While the Wobbler is generally stationary, the Tux is fun for your dog to bounce around the room as he tries to get every last treat out.

i purchased these thinking they might last a bit longer than 5 minutes, its now been about a month and they are still going strong! Teething puppies are always gnawing, so Benebone recently introduced a puppy line of products featuring a somewhat softer material. The bones come in tiny, small, and medium for puppies ranging all the way from teeny to up to 60 pounds. I have several of these for my brainy border collie mix, but also because I like to challenge my foster puppies and make them work for their meals. The Level 2 Hide n’ Slide is a favorite because it takes some figuring out. A Nina Ottosen spokesperson said it’s made of a food-safe composite material which is part wood shavings and part plastic. Mixing it with wood makes it heavier and sturdier and reduces the amount of plastic used.

Don’t get me wrong… Jasmine ordinarily wheezes through her mouth when sitting still. But with a ball in her mouth, it sounded exceptionally strained. If you have a squashed-face dog, such as a Pekingese or French Bulldog, you might notice the same. The open lattice-work design allows for easy breathing even through frantic games of fetch. For miniature dogs, like chihuahuas, I recommend grabbing the next size down – the extra small.

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The Tuff Guru Ball is the perfect blend of durability and puzzle. It has Planet Dogs’ highest durability rating of 5 out of 5, meaning that it can stand up to even the toughest chewers. on any of their Trio Bone products because they are sure that these toys will be able to hold their own. They provide a super way to clean your dog’s teeth and give their jaw a good workout. Made from durable TPR material, ZippyTuff teetherz are also connected to a nylon rope knot for a satisfying mouthfeel to keep your puppy occupied. Other than just being cute, this puppy toy is textured, making it the perfect choice for soothing teething pain. For multi-dog households, this is a great toy for group playtime.

  • With its six protruding nubs, it’s a lot lumpier than your traditional tennis ball.
  • On one side of the ball is a small tab, but I cut this off with scissors before play.
  • Fits ball throwerYesFloatsNoHolesYesSqueaksNoFew balls were chased with as much enthusiasm as the Chuckit!
  • Two go right through the center so that your dog can breathe with the ball in his mouth.
  • But it’s the other two holes that give the Whistler Ball its name.
  • If you are tired of walking over to balls that your dog can’t find, then this could be the solution for you.

The bones have a durable nylon and polyurethane design with a multi-textured surface that is supposed to prevent breakage. Hear first about our exclusive offers and pet care advice. The material is easy to clean and is resistant to UV rays from the sun, preventing fading.Floats on water making it great for the beach, pool and lakes.

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The Dual Layer Ring is available in three sizes to meet your dog’s needs and preferences. ZippyPaws ZippyTuff Teetherz are soft enough to tooth the gums of your teething pup but tough enough to stand up to those sharp puppy teeth. Puppies explore with their mouths, and during their teething stages, they instinctively chew to soothe their aching gums and loosen those baby teeth. Kurgo Skipping Stones have a unique design allowing you to skip stones like a pro. It floats too so it’s easy for your avid swimmer to collect it and bring it back again and again. The only thing better than skipping stones down by the lake is getting your dog to bring back the stone.

This medium sized ball by Chuckit is a safe alternative to regular balls that can be a choking hazard during games of fetch. The Breathe Right ball is designed to facilitate airflow and keep your dog’s breathing more regular while running and fetching. It fits in Chuckit’s Ball Launchers, but doesn’t get quite published here as much distance as other balls because of its hollow and lighter design. If you have a ball-crazy dog , the Breathe Right ball is a good choice to help keep their airway clear. As with all balls, these should only be used if it’s the correct size for your dog and played with under close supervision.

The chuck it ultra ball is compatible with the chuck it ball launcher for dogs, enhancing fetch with slobber-free pickup and long-distance throws. Dogs love playing a game of fetch whether it is your ordinary tennis ball or some other bouncy toy. The problem with conventional balls is that they are not really durable.